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U.S Facilities

At Quality Systems, we understand your need to boost return on capital and find a manufacturing partner who can manufacture to the high standards you require and provide flexible and efficient operations.

In the U.S, Quality Systems operates 2 manufacturing facilities spanning over 50,000 square feet, specializing in NPI to medium-volume production and have the ability to support higher volume requirements with our offshore facility in Vietnam. Quality Systems works closely with its customers to maintain product excellence on a timetable that works best for them. Our customized services, superior technology and equipment, help our customers achieve quality products and quick delivery in a little as 24 hr. assembly turnaround.  Regardless of industry or product type, our adaptable solutions and manufacturing expertise allow us to meet our customer’s needs each and every time.

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Asia Facilities

In an ever- competitive and rapidly changing environment, today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) are looking for ways to maintain a focus on core competencies while increasing manufacturing ROI. Regardless of industry, Quality Systems is 100% customer-centric, developing customized solutions to meet your unique requirements.  

We are proud to announce the opening of our 120,000 Vietnam manufacturing facility this September, 2009, complete with state of the art technology and equipment for our customers needing design, layout, manufacturing and engineering services supported by NPI high volume, low-cost production.  

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