Capabilities - Supply Chain Management

QSIC Supply Chain CapabilitiesQuality Systems’ supply chain solutions are built on a foundation of strong supplier relationships where we have optimal levels of communication and the ability to adapt quickly to your changing and evolving needs. Our large network of suppliers and partners, create an exceptional support structure for our global customer base. This extensive network enables our purchasing department to provide cost-effective, high quality components as well as sub-assembly procurement options.

In order to meet your product lifecycle needs, we have developed a unique set of integrated services designed to deliver superior results – customized services ranging from conceptual design and development to manufacturing next generation innovations, all designed to meet your unique set of requirements.

Material Planning/Management:

  • Cross to lower cost manufacturer
  • Cross to shorter lead time and better availability
  • Cross to lower risk components
  • Real-time supply chain system for maximum visibility
  • Just in-time material
  • Kan-Ban inventory for long term agreement (LTA)
  • Automation warehouse
  • Mobility warehouse processes

Material Procurement:

  • Assist customer in crossing lead-time and hard-to-find or cost-effective parts
  • Partnership with offshore suppliers
  • Long-term partnership with regional suppliers
  • Maintain import/export compliance

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