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Space & Aerospace

At Quality Systems, we understand that special care and attention to detail is necessary to design, engineer and manufacture electro-mechanical equipment for space and aerospace systems supporting but not limited to mechatronics, navigation, guided missiles, communication, air craft hardware, GPS and propulsion technology. Partnering with our customers to produce electro-mechanical components, we specialize in CGA and LGA technology and resilient actuators specifically crafted for space/aerospace conditions.

Meeting NASA standards, we meet your stringent guidelines by providing traceability of product manufacturing and a highly qualified team of experts possessing industry-specific knowledge and a flexible approach.

  • ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 Certified
  • IPC and J-STANDARD certified trainers on-site
  • NPI Medium to High Volume Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean Room Environment
  • Engineering
  • Testing
  • Supply Chain Management

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