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QSIC Value-Added Services

Quality Systems provides a broad selection of value-added services to streamline your supply chain ranging from construction to system configuration and distribution. In addition, our company can also assist you in the event you need boards repaired or reworked, with our custom rework services. Regardless of your need, we are here to deliver quality service and superior workmanship.

Quality Systems Integrated Corporation provides a comprehensive and flexible set of value-added offerings:

  • Cable/Harness Assembly
  • Chassis/Box Build
  • Special Rework
  • X-Ray Services
  • Final Assembly/Packaging
  • BGA/FPGA Removal, Replacement and Reballing with X-Ray Inspection
  • Special Rework : Incorporation of ECO’s and ECN’s, Jumper and Haywire Installation, Component Replacement, Custom Modification, PGA, QFP and Dense Connector Replacement.
  • Refurbish and Repair Depot
  • Custom Component Assembly

Quality. Service. Innovation. Competitive. Responsive. These are the qualities that set us apart and contribute to our customer’s success. Contact Us or Request A Quote today and see how you can benefit from our global support and high manufacturing standards.